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The ancient city of Ephesus is the jewel in the crown of ancient sites across Turkey. Located on the Aegean coat, although now several kilometres inland, the city in ancient times was on the coast. The city has a history based in ancient Greece, Roman, Byzantine and finally Ottoman Turk. Over the past 150 years the city has been rediscovered, archaeologists from Germany, Austria and the UK have been involved in excavation and restoration. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony as well as Paul of Tarsus, spreading the message of the new Christian religion are part of the city's history. It was the seat of the Eastern Roman Empire. This collection shows the Library of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian, the main street, the signage pointing the way to the brothel, the theatres, fountain of Trajan and many other aspects of this wonderful and amazing place not least the closely placed Roman toilets - it is said the Romans got their slaves to warm up the stone for them. Enjoy this collection I will continue to add to it.
Ephesus Theatre 
 Another view of the Ephesus Theatre, known for its superb acoustics.
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Photographer: John J McLelland
Collection: Ancient City of Ephesus, Turkey
Ephesus Theatre
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Another view of the Ephesus Theatre, known for its superb