View of the Wear Road and Railway Bridges, Sunderland.Forth Rail BridgeView of Tyne Bridge through High Level BridgeGraffiti in PragueAstronomical Clock PragueScottish Ninth Division Memorial, Point du Jour, FranceUnder the Humber BridgeHumber Bridge from the riverLancaster Bomber at Sunderland Airshow 2013Red Arrows, Sunderland Airshow 2013Canadian Memorial, Vimy Ridge, FranceCanadian Memorial, Vimy Ridge, France

Welcome to John McLelland's Photography Website


My name is John McLelland. I am based in Washington, Tyne & Wear, and have lived here and in Sunderland for most of my life, only for my RAF service and a short spell working abroad was I away.  I retired from teaching having been quite badly assaulted by a group of cowardly students and now spend some quality time when able to taking photographs and enjoying the art of photography.

I am available to photograph your special event and all family photography needs including engagement party, wedding, baptisms, Bar Mitzvah, first communion,confirmation, birthdays, family reunions as well as photographing, 'The Bump', the arrival of your special person and first, second and third year portrait, after that your child's nursery and later on, school will take over. 


I have travelled all over Europe and Turkey and am currently compiling collections of my photographs of archaeological sites in Turkey, including Ephesus, Priene, Miletos and the Temple of Apollo in Didim, Turkey. 

In the NE of England I have photographed many of the iconic sites including the Angel of the North, our famous and iconic bridges, churches, cathedrals  land and riverscapes.

I have visited and photographed many of the First World War battlefields of Europe and intend to revist over the coming years to freshen up my stock. 

I was lucky enough to be a Gamesmaker in 2012 and was based in Newcastle where many of the football heats were held.  Now in 2014 I applied and was accepted as a 'Clydesider' and went to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow where I'll be working in the No 1 venue, Hampden Park.  I was on the, 'Photo Team' but unfortunately will not have a camera with me, I'll be helping sports photographers from around the world to get, 'The Picture' during the games.  I will however seize the opportunity to add some photos of the venue and also from Glasgow in general.  Perhaps, while in Glasgow I'll find out I'm a long lost family member from, 'McLelland Cheese' - 'Seriously Strong!! mmmmm!!  I never had the time to find the McLelland link for the cheese company.

I will photograph anything really as I enjoy having a camera in my hands!   

In 2011 I added a few animals from Edinburgh zoo and pictures of the historic road and rail bridges over the, Firth of Forth. This year, 2012 I volunteered as a Gamesmaker and have been working in Newcastle with the teams putting on the Olympic football at St. James's Park, no longer sports Direct but a load of Wonga's - looks strange on their strip.  There is a special section now of the Olympics in Newcastle featuring the people I worked with, some of the footballers and the changing, temporary, Olympic landscape.  I will, by September 2016 include pictures from my, 'Clydesider' role at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Unfortunately 2015 has been a bad year for me, I got a wheelchair as I'm unable to walk very far and my legs are increasingly wobbly and don't do a good job of keeping me going, anymore!!  2016 I hope will be the year I start getting back to photographing a whole range of things and I've decided its going to be the year I'll enter loads of competitions

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